2PJ0.4 plunger metering pump

01.Main Features:

The plunger seal assembly (shaft seal) has a modular design with good sealing performance and easy replacement.

The sealing surface of the plunger adopts sprayed hard alloy and ceramic technology, which has a smooth surface, high hardness, wear resistance and long service life.

Adopting a new elastic suspension type combined seal, the sealing lip can elastically compensate itself with the pressure change of the medium cavity. It has the advantages of high abrasion resistance, low friction, and long life.

It adopts variable eccentric sliding shaft type stroke adjustment mechanism, which is flexible, accurate and reliable. It can adjust the flow length by 0 ~ 100% linear stepless adjustment of stroke length, and the measurement accuracy E≤1%.

Ball valve, wing valve, mushroom valve and other types of check valves are available. Linear seal, good sealing performance and long service life.

The combination of double, triple and more multiple pumps can be used to smooth pressure pulses and flow unevenness, and can also be used as a proportional pump.

Safety valves must be installed on the discharge line to maximize the safety and reliability of the system and pump.

Various materials such as 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 20 alloy, duplex steel, engineering plastic can be used for the over-current parts.

A variety of flow adjustment methods such as manual, electric and variable frequency speed regulation are suitable for various control requirements of the system.

02.Main Performance Parameter:

The plunger is connected to the crosshead. The crosshead drives the plunger to make a linear reciprocating motion in the cylinder, so that the volume of the working chamber changes periodically, and the purpose of sucking and discharging liquid is achieved by the opening and closing of the check valve.

03.Shape And Installation Dimensions:


04.Performance Parameter: